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Streamlined Supply Chain Processes for Arma Container

DP&C streamlined supply chain processes to increase the utilization of existing Amtech ERP application & physical resources. DP&C also adapted additional system modules to drive overall streamlined supply chain efficiency improvements. Amtech is one of the most used ERP applications in the corrugated and folding carton industry .

The Challenge: Creating Streamlined Supply Chain Process

Target Amtech ERP applications that allow for better utilization of existing manufacturing capacity while delivering real time information to maximize the speed & accuracy of managerial decisions.

Focus efforts on the system analytical tools to improve utilization, profit margins, manufacturing efficiencies and commercial sales management Coordinate all efforts to increase information speeds so that material and cash move faster both internally and externally Tie together production and commercial management with material oversight to reduce expensive complexities Identify repetitive tasks and replace them with value added time focused initiatives to better manage product and process improvements to streamline results.

The Solution: 

Enhanced the connection between the work and activity of individuals through Amtech modules (Scheduler, Perpetual Inventory, Production Data Entry , and Delivery) to make decisions more accurate and timely.

Turned non actionable data collection into exception management information by implementing and executing the Production Data Entry Module across the shop floor

Increased the visibility and accuracy of operational questions such as —–is the customer delivery complete? , is there enough material available to complete the next production order? , where are the dies for the next production order to be run?

Mitigated redundant data collection by installing , implementing and training operators on the use of shop floor computers directly connected to Amtech ERP application.

Implemented full use of Amtech’s shipping module to increase the payload on all truck deliveries Installed an electronic dispatch and truck loading module directly integrated with Amtech’s ERP application to provide chain of custody visibility for customer deliveries and shipping process.

The Results: A streamlined supply chain process

Increased tonnage on customer delivery trailers by 65% that resulted in both reduced transportation expense and improved customer service performance and visibility.

Improved manufacturing efficiency by 20% as measured by man hours per thousand square feet corrugated converted resulting in reduced expenses and additional in house capacity for more volume to increase gross profit

Provided visibility to material waste areas to increase material yield on purchases to sales by 50%
The improvement on the accuracy and visibility of operating data increased to reliability on cost estimates to improve gross profit accuracy to To evaluate business decisions impacting company gross profit analysis.

Successful negotiation for a New York State ReEnergy grant resulting in 7 years of reduced energy expenses Overall organization capability improvement to more effectively manage current and expanding business opportunities.