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Custom Transportation Management Solutions


DP&C Enterprises provides custom transportation management solutions (TMS) and mobile asset management for a wide variety of industries ranging from large multi-national corporations to small regional transportation companies. To remain competitive and profitable in today’s complex, competitive and increasingly expensive business environment, service providers need efficient routing and mobile asset management tools to minimize fuel expenditures and provide timely customer service. Truly cutting-edge transportation service providers recognize that every mobile asset is also an extension of its warehouse, and efficiently managing mobile inventory can provide a competitive advantage. DP&C Enterprises takes your inventory management systems and transportation management solutions from 20th century paper processes into the 21st century with integrated, customized, real-time information management hardware and software.

Our Custom Transportation Management Solutions Provide:

• Order entry, dispatching, integration to general ledger and accounting systems
• GPS capability for service management, routing, centralized dispatching and tracking capability
• Transparent mobile inventory management to ensure that expendable inventories used in servicing a client location are accurately tracked for restocking and timely replenishment
• Enhanced visibility for billing and accounting for time and materials
• Greater utilization of current software and data (we are hardware agnostic)

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