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DP&C SmartFleet – Fleet Management System

fleet-management-systemDP&C® SmartFleet is a comprehensive fleet management system. It serves as a transportation, logistics, and distribution management application designed specifically to increase efficiency of fleet management, enhance the visibility of mobile inventory and asset management, and highlight the importance of enhanced customer service as a competitive advantage. It has the ability to seamlessly integrate GPS sources and all Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms to provide a comprehensive end-to-end fleet management system for the network users.

DP&C® SmartFleet is a customizable and scaleable fleet management system, providing a solution that generates immediate and sustainable return on investment. The seamless, real time visibility provided by DPC® SmartFleet can enhance profit performance, customer service and fleet optimization. It has received the industry certification issued by TEC. One of DP&C SmartFleet’s key technology advantages is the ability to seamlessly and securely share data between customers and suppliers who are independent within the SmartFleet network.

DP&C® SmartFleet’s capabilities can be effectively matched and customized to meet the needs of service providers who are contracted to provide delivery and transportation services. If you are looking for a cost effective TMS (transportation management system) or FMS (fleet management system) please explore the SmartFleet product website to learn more.