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Supply Chain Management


We are a boutique supply chain management consulting company focused on delivering well thought out custom solutions to large complex problems that typically span across internal organizational departments, customers, and suppliers. These type of solutions are approached and solved by small, undisruptive, iterative improvement steps that have significant impact on improving throughput, asset utilization, cash flow, and reducing expenses, while building teams and organizational capability to sustain and advance the initiatives set by management during the project creation.

No supply chain solution is “one-size-fits-all.” That is why DP&C Enterprises has structured our business focus to provide clients with access to the services and technologies that best meet their objectives of aligning sourcing and production to demand, decreasing lead times and reducing operating expenses while increasing infrastructure capability.

From a vision to seamless execution, we can offer clients comprehensive Supply Chain Consulting Solutions. Our executives complete a comprehensive evaluation of your existing supply chain, identify deficiencies and make recommendations for implementing processes and technologies.


Reduce Problems

  • Reduce Excess Capacity and Fixed Costs
  • Reduce Inventory Requirements
  • Limit the Capital Demands on Supply Chains
  • Reduce Costs Associated with Maintaining Complex Product Portfolios
  • Reduce Non-Conformance Expenses

Increase Efficiencies

  • Increase Asset Utilization
  • Transform Raw Materials into Finished Products More Efficiently
  • Increase Effective Controls for Efficient Brand Management
  • Increase Utilization of Existing ERP System
  • Make Transportation More Fuel Efficient
  • Increase Customer Service Levels
  • Turn Supply Chain Into a Revenue Enhancing Function

Clients receive a comprehensive business analysis, highlighting findings, detailing recommended solutions and outlining an implementation plan. Additionally, clients receive a business case quantifying potential savings vs. implementation expense. Our team can then execute the solution directly or provide a client-executable plan.