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Understanding Supply Chain Management

Understanding Supply Chain ManagementThis article is intended to assist you in understanding supply chain management. Supply Chain Management includes all the activities a business employs to keep its products and services moving efficiently. The velocity of a firm’s supply chain is core to its cash flow lifeline. Businesses from manufacturers , wholesalers & retailers , distributors etc. use supply chain principles to plan , assemble , store , ship , and track products from the beginning to the end of the supply chain.

Supply Chain is recognized as one of the key organization functions along with sales / marketing , R&D , and finance to the point that supply chain execution is treated as competitive point of difference.

Understanding Supply Chain Management Duties

Supply Chain Management encompasses collaboration & integration with suppliers , distributors / manufacturers (internal & external) , and customers . The success of a supply chain and the benefits it can provide is predicated on the strength and efficiency of the linkages between each of the key functions , including:

  • Sourcing raw and packaging materials
  • Manufacturing & Assembly
  • Warehousing & Inventory Visibility & Integrity
  • Sales Order Management
  • Sales Order fulfillment & Delivery to the customer

“ Supply Chain is the Execution Music of a company’s sales and marketing effort”

Understanding Supply Chain Management’s Value

There is a need and skills gap that has evolved for employers that require associates to have multi functional , critical thinking skills. Multi Level communication and leadership skills are more important than ever in this highly competitive , global environment to every organization.

Businesses are looking for supply chain professionals to continuously increase the organization’s capability by reducing costs , improving the efficiency of relationships internal and external , and increasing capacity all at the same time.

Supply Chain Management professionals meet the growing demand and challenge of constant product profile updates while at the same time improving cash flow.

If your business is considering upgrading your supply chain management, please contact us